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Heavy Duty Industrial Towers - The Loyal Towers

The most advanced BSEN1004 certified tower in the market. All our Loyal Industrial Towers are designed, manufactured, tested and certified in accordance with BSEN1004 Class 3 Standard by BSI with Kitemark (Certificate Number: KM 583746). Please be aware of OUTDATED and non EN1004 compliant CE certificates which means the towers are not safe and approved for use on site. They are not covered up to the latest health and safety requirements and can be misleading making them appear to be an EN1004 certified scaffold tower. Always remember to double check and ask for a valid up to date EN1004 certificate when purchasing your tower. Please click here for further advice from PASMA on choosing a safe mobile scaffold tower. The range is extensive, quality is unsurpassed and prices are as keen as you will find anywhere for comparable first class products.

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Select Length & Width:

Single Width 0.85m (2'10")

Length 1.8m (5'11")

BSI Kitemarked Tower
23 different heights
Best Price from
£521.33 exc. VAT
£625.59 inc. VAT
& FREE next day delivery*
Pls call for availability

Select Working Height

Length 2.5m (8'2")

BSI Kitemarked Tower
23 different heights
Best Price from
£567.33 exc. VAT
£680.79 inc. VAT
& FREE next day delivery*

Select Working Height

Double Width 1.45m (4'9")

Length 1.8m (5'11")

BSI Kitemarked Tower
23 different heights
Best Price from
£590.33 exc. VAT
£708.39 inc. VAT
& FREE next day delivery*
Pls call for availability

Select Working Height

Length 2.5m (8'2")

BSI Kitemarked Tower
23 different heights
Best Price from
£643.99 exc. VAT
£772.79 inc. VAT
& FREE next day delivery*

Select Working Height

  • Comparison TableOpen or Close
    Description Loyal Industrial Tower Others Industrial Towers Remarks
    What you see is what you get. VAT and Free Next Working Day Delivery*.
    Hidden last minute delivery charge, which may cost you £100’s
    You don't get surprises from the price we offer
    Delivery time
    Next working day. Always free.*
    2, 3, 4 or 5 days or longer
    We are FAST. You can check this out on our feedback
    Market share
    1000’s have been sold in the UK market
    Our products are tested and proven
    Material used
    Much stronger Extruded aluminium, no rust
    Welded aluminium tube with weak points along the tube
    You can use ours for years
    High quality welds due to highly skilled and experienced workers
    Poor quality welds due to lack of experience or cost cutting
    Check the product pictures for weld quality
    Frame structure
    Heavy duty rungs welded directly to the upright. Same method has been used for years.
    Cast parts used in between the uprights and rungs.
    Weaken over time and with use
    Non slip ribbed colour coded braces
    Smooth slippery surface
    Our towers are extremely safe to install and dismantle
    Height Adjustable Wheels
    6" colour coded dual locking height adjustable wheels
    Single locking. Misleading information on the website.
    Check the diagram and components list
    Toe board
    Unique, folding, single piece extruded aluminium toe board
    Comes in multiple pieces.
    Easy to store and less risk of losing parts. Stronger and more durable. Wood will rot over time.
    Technical diagrams
    Tower drawings and measurements with component lists
    Drawings and component list not available. One company uses unapproved drawings from a different supplier.
    Customers can see clearly what they are getting. Nothing hidden.
    Instruction Manual Available for free download. Paper manual
    Not environmentally friendly. May need to purchase additional copies if lost
  • Reasons to Purchase Loyal Towers?Open or Close

    Our Loyal Towers are Kitemarked by BSI and certified to BSEN1004.

    Kitemark is the highest certification one can get in this industry and we have it.

    Our price is one of the lowest, in addition, we offer 2 FREEs:

    FREE next working day delivery included anywhere in Mainland UK

    FREE download of our installation manual anytime, anywhere. So you don't worry about losing it.

    It is our company's mission to sell Safe Working towers. Our Kitemarked Loyal Towers are one of the safest in the Industrial Tower category.

    They fully comply with the UK Health and Safety regulations.

  • FeaturesOpen or Close
    • Lightweight, rigid with Superior appearance and quick and easy assembly and dismantling without tools.
    • FREE next day delivery* and no quibble, 5 year manufacturers guarantee.
    • Designed and manufactured by a fully accredited ISO 9001: 2008 manufacturer in conformity with BS EN1004 Class 3 Standard, with Certification by BSI with Kitemark.
    • Constructed from Aluminium which is lightweight, firm and yet strong,and rust-free (unlike galvanised steel alternatives.) Safe working load per tower of 950kgs (149.2 stone).
    • 150mm(6") diameter colour coded height adjustable, dual-locking wheels - offering strength, safety and ease of movement and brake mechanism operation as well as the ability to work on uneven ground, stairs and steps.
    • Strong 5.1cm diameter vertical and horizontal welded frames for greater strength. Ribbed non slip profiles used on all framework components and braces for extra safety and strength as well as easy and superior grip. Note: Strong welded and extruded component joints, not cast like others on the market.
    • Platform can be set at increments of 0.5m (1'8") ensuring maximum flexibility to work at a range of heights - indoors or outdoors.
    • Integral ladder section for ultimate strength. The Integral ladder section incorporated into the tower frame with comfortable, non slip, ribbed rungs set 0.25m apart for ease of climbing.
    • Single piece lightweight aluminium folding toe-board for ease of installation and for carrying up and down the scaffold tower.
    • Colour coded brace hooks for ease of assembly.
    • Available in 23 working heights for each of the 4 different Widths and Lengths, from 3.2m to 14.2m in 0.5m increments, fully upgradable.
    • Platforms incorporate a non slip surface for additional safety, with damage resistant claws and an automatic, self closing trapdoor with a cast industrial lock for maximum safety and reassurance whilst on the tower.
    • Tower features non slip rungs for added safety when climbing.
    • The Tower is always climbed internally - Through The Trapdoor (3T Compliant) which is then lowered and becomes part of the platform.
    • Lightweight for ease of use and transport, yet safe and stable for your reassurance.
    • Outriggers / stabilisers with rubber bottomed flat feet are included in the taller towers for maximum grip and extra stability.
    • Clearly written, illustrated instructions for assembly and dismantling can be freely downloaded from our website.
    • Anti-slip plywood platform

    • Colour coded quick lock braces

    • Strong welded frames

    • Safety Snap Pin for quick locking

    • Large colour coded dual locking wheels

    • Rubber bottom flat feet

    • Lockable Trapdoor

    • Outriggers for exceptional stability

    • Climb Through The Trapdoor (3T)

    • Aluminium foldable toeboard

    • Vertical Ladder Frame of the Double Width Tower

    • Vertical Ladder Frame of the Single Width Tower

  • SpecificationsOpen or Close
      Single Width 1.8m Single Width 2.5m Double Width 1.8m Double Width 2.5m
    Product Name Loyal Tower 850 Loyal Tower 850 Loyal Tower 1450 Loyal Tower 1450
    Width 0.85m (2'10") 0.85m (2'10") 1.45m (4'9") 1.45m (4'9")
    Length 1.8m (5'11") 2.5m (8'2") 1.8m (5'11") 2.5m (8'2")
    Max working height-indoor 14.2m (46'7") 14.2m (46'7") 14.2m (46'7") 14.2m (46'7")
    Max working height-outdoor 10.2m (33'6") 10.2m (33'6") 10.2m (33'6") 10.2m (33'6")
    Max platform height-indoor 12.2m (40') 12.2m (40') 12.2m (40') 12.2m (40')
    Max platform height-outdoor 8.2m (26'11") 8.2m (26'11") 8.2m (26'11") 8.2m (26'11")
    Platform Height Adjustment 0.5m (1'8") 0.5m (1'8") 0.5m (1'8") 0.5m (1'8")
    SWL per Platform 275kg (43.3 stone) 275kg (43.3 stone) 275kg (43.3 stone) 275kg (43.3 stone)
    SWL per Tower 950kg (149.6 stone) 950kg (149.6 stone) 950kg (149.6 stone) 950kg (149.6 stone)
  • Video presentationOpen or Close

    Loyal Industrial 1450 - NEW DEMONSTRATION 2016