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Rojak Ladder Stopper 18" / 457mm

Rojak Ladder Stopper 18" / 457mm

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The Rojak Stopper base stabiliser is designed to stop a ladder sliding out at the bottom, which is achieved by vastly increasing the surface area in contact with the floor. Rather than two small rubber feet, your weight is spread across the large rubber base that covers the T shaped aluminium section, making slip or flip a thing of the past. It also means that you don't need to have someone footing the ladder while it is use, allowing them to do something more productive.

  • ⋅ The Stopper was the first Base Ladder Stabiliser manufactured in the World
  • ⋅ Simple to Use
  • ⋅ Extruded Aluminium T piece made to BS base over moulded with high traction material
  • ⋅ Robust shape and hard wearing material will last over 10 years in normal use
  • ⋅ Sizes to fit all ladders – available in 18” and 24”
  • ⋅ Works on flat smooth surfaces as long as they are free of ice, grease, oil or loose materials; for instance do not use on loose grit on a hard surface, or if using a dust sheet whilst painting indoors the Stopper must stand on the floor not on the dust sheet.
  • ⋅ Used by BT and British Gas as part of their Health and Safety Policy
  • ⋅ When fitted to the bottom of the ladder prevents bottom slip and flip
Product name Rojak Ladder Stopper 18" / 457mm
Width 203mm (8")
Length 457mm (18")
Suitable for ladders up to 406mm (16") wide

The Stopper is a Registered Trade mark and the product has been on the market for 25 years. Made simply from a British Standard Aluminium T Piece over moulded with High Traction material it was one of the first Ladder Stabilisers in the world. For the last 15-20 years it has been a key element in ladder safety policy for both BT and British Gas allowing them to comply with the 2005 WAHR.