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SUPER DIY Towers (Heavy Duty)

  • Heaviest duty and tallest DIY tower on the market – REACH 9.2m for LESS than a GRAND!
  • World’s first DIY tower with extra-large (XL) outriggers (supplied with the 9.2m model)
  • Now with all 1m frames making these towers extremely easy to transport and store – COMPLETE 7m tower will fit into a standard hatchback
  • Redesigned strengthened joints resulting in improved rigidity – 70% less movement when compared to 2m frame models
  • Strongest platforms tested to 560kg

The SUPER DIY Scaffold Towers, the heaviest duty and tallest DIY tower on the market, are designed for safety and durability. Now with increased working height up to 9.2m this model is the world’s first DIY tower to come with extra-large (XL) outriggers which attach almost half way up the tower, 4m, for ultimate stability.

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This newly introduced model has all 1 metre frames from top to bottom making these towers extremely easy to erect and dismantle by one person, transport and store. Completely eliminates the hassle of storing long 2 metre frames and not being able to take the tower on a job with you! The complete 7m tower will fit into an everyday hatchback as you can see from the photos in the features section below. And with the increased number of joints results in improved rigidity of the complete structure giving 70% less movement when compared to models with 2m frames, due to doubling up the thickness of aluminium at these points, which is better than most industrial towers in the market.

The newly designed frames also enables you to assemble and dismantle the tower in handy 1 metre increments. These towers can be easily upgraded unlike others on the market and if you already own our 7m model from this range we now supply a +2m extension kit to take your tower all the way up to 9.2m including a conversion kit to transform your telescopic outriggers into the extra-large outriggers so you do not need to order in addition to the ones you already have. No tools are needed and full detailed instructions are supplied with the extension kit to make conversion as easy as possible.

By using proven components from our Trade and Industrial Towers ranges with features including Quick-locking Braces and Advanced Guard Rails, we are able to offer the range at extremely competitive prices representing out-standing Value for Money!

Also featuring our newly designed stiffener bars included FREE as standard for ultimate rigidity and peace of mind. Each tower comes with 4 integral stiffener bars making these towers the most stable in the market by far. Don’t believe it; check out our video showing the difference with and without stiffeners.

Outriggers can still be added on the lower heights for extra stability and are included as standard on working heights above 5 metres. The platforms and braces are tested and comply with EN1004 Class 3 Standard by TUV (the European equivalent to BSI)

*Test results based on a EN1004 side force test using 50kg of lateral force at 6m high

TypeDeflection at 6m
Super DIY (8 rungs frames)80mm
Super DIY (4 rungs frames)25mm

For customers that need to work on uneven ground, stairwells and stairs; please see our SDIY Advanced Towers or our eTrade King Towers.

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Super DIY 4S
with 4 Stiffeners

EXCL. VAT: £351.04

INCL. VAT: £421.25

FREE next day delivery*

Super DIY 5S
with 4 Stiffeners

EXCL. VAT: £402.41

INCL. VAT: £482.89

FREE next day delivery*

Super DIY 5S+
with 4 Stiffeners &
2 Telescopic Outriggers
Super DIY 5S++
with 4 Stiffeners &
4 Telescopic Outriggers
Super DIY 6S
with 4 Stiffeners &
4 Telescopic Outriggers
Super DIY 7S
with 4 Stiffeners &
4 Telescopic Outriggers
Super DIY 8S
with 4 Stiffeners &
4 XL Tele Outriggers
Super DIY 9S
with 4 Stiffeners &
4 XL Tele Outriggers

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Reasons to Purchase SUPER DIY Towers?

  • All 1 metre frames from top to bottom making these towers extremely easy to erect and dismantle by one person, transport and store.
  • A quick and easy assembly and dismantling system. No tools required. Benchmark tested completion – 2 minutes for 1 person with the 5m..
  • Indoor and Outdoor use, very popular out in the garden to trim those Hedges and Trees
  • FREE next day delivery* and no quibble, lifetime guarantee
  • Advanced Guard Railing for extra safety, adding to speed of installation and dismantling at working platform level. All this included FREE!
  • Designed and manufactured by a fully accredited ISO 9001: 2015 manufacturer, the same as our BSI Kitemarked Towers.
  • Directional “Tilt and Glide” wheels included for ease of movement after the tower is erected. This is recommended for SDIY 5 (3 in ONE) working height tower or lower. FREE stabilizer bars supplied as standard.
  • Colour-coded Braces for easy recognition
  • The standard Stiffener Bars are for added stability.
  • Strong, Aluminium construction, light weight and rust-free.
  • Welded frames with a ribbed, easy grip profile giving Ultimate strength and Safety.
  • Lightweight aluminium allows easy construction, dismantling and transport. It also provides safety and stability for added reassurance.
  • Available in 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m and 9m TRUE working heights.
  • The MOST VERSATILE DIY tower you can buy. The Base plate option allows the transformation of the SDIY into a StairMate variant.
  • 250mm(10”) rung spacing giving comfortable climbing and more platform height variations.
  • For additional stability and safety, the options to add 2 or 4 outriggers to your SDIY 5 (3 in ONE) tower will enlarge the footprint of the tower. This will result in rock solid stability and offer ultimate user confidence.
  • Non-slip, 4cm diameter rungs are featured for your peace of mind when climbing inside the structure.
  • Marine grade plywood platforms employed, sealed and tested for 4 hours under boiling water. Non-slip surface for sure-footing.
  • The tower is always climbed internally – ‘Through The Trapdoor’ (3T compliant) which is then lowered to form part of the platform.
  • Safe working load per platform 150kg.Tested to 560kg.
  • Upgrade options include Height adjustable wheels and Baseplates.


Product NameSUPER DIY Tower
Width0.6m (2′)
Length1.55m (5’1″)
Max working height9.00m (29’6″)
Max tower height8.0m (26’3″)
Max platform height7.00m (23′)
Platform Height Adjustment0.25m (10″)
SWL per Platform150kg (23.6 stone)

Video presentations

Assemble a Super DIY 5 Scaffold Tower straight out from a small car

Installation of New SUPER DIY 6 Tower with Stiffeners