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GRP Fibreglass Folding Tower (BSEN1004 Class 3)

Our GRP Fibreglass Foldable Towers are designed, manufactured, tested and conform to BSEN1004 Class 3 Standard. They are made from high quality fibreglass which is non-conductive/sparking to 220,000 volts which makes them suitable for use in zone 1 environment where aluminium or steel systems are either unsafe or unsuitable. They are non-corroding and non-oxidising so ideal for use in other challenging areas also. Even the folding toeboard is made up of non-conductive wooden profile for maximum protection.

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These towers are available at two platform heights of 1.2m and 2.2m with a length of 1.4m and width of 740mm. Featuring a patented fail safe joint system, impact resistant brace claws and integral ladder frames ensuring ultimate durability. These towers are in compliance with the 3T (Through The Trapdoor) method of assembly, incorporating Quick Locking Braces holding the frames in place which are easily identifiable for ease of assembly. No tools are needed for assembling or dismantling.

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3.2m Working Height - GRP Fibreglass Folding Tower

EXCL. VAT: £1184.61

INCL. VAT: £1,421.53

4.1m Working Height - GRP Fibreglass Folding Tower

EXCL. VAT: £2043.86

INCL. VAT: £2,452.63


  • Manufactured from high quality fibreglass
  • Conform to BSEN1004 Class 3
  • Non-conductive to 220,000 volts
  • Available at 2 platform heights of 1.2m and 2.1m or working heights of 3.2m and 4.1m
  • Free 5-7 working day delivery*
  • Patented fail safe joint system
  • Non-corroding and non-oxidising
  • Suitable for us in challenging areas or any zone 1 environments
  • Easily identifiable braces for ease of assembly
  • Impact resistant brace claws
  • Integral ladder system
  • Platform deck edge protection is made up of GRP profile
  • Single piece lightweight wooden folding toe-board for ease of installation and for carrying up and down the scaffold tower
  • The Tower is always climbed internally – Through The Trapdoor (3T Compliant) which is then lowered and becomes part of the platform
  • Available at a length of 1.4m and width of 0.74m