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  • General FAQsOpen or Close


    What is your VAT and Company Registration Numbers?

    Our VAT number: 168961164, Company registration number: 8475491


    We are an overseas buyer, can we pay net of VAT?

    Yes, only if the shipping is arranged by us. If you are arranging your own shipping, then you have to pay VAT first and then after we see proofs that goods has left the country, we will arrange VAT refund.


    What is your business hours?

    Our eShop opens 7 X 24. Our office hours are 8:30am - 5pm during weekdays. Our office is closed at weekends and public holidays. We will answer emails during weekends and public holidays.


    What does 5 year manufacturers guarantee mean?

    The company will replace, free of charge, any part that fails due to manufacturing fault within 5 years of purchase. Careless use, non-standard applications and normal wear and tear are excluded.


    Can I have a discount?

    No, the prices shown are always the most competitive. We check our prices everyday against all our competitors.


    Can I get spares?

    Yes, spares are available. The most popular ones are shown on our website in the Accessories section. Anything more unusual can be investigated by calling the office on 01353 778811.


    Is Scaffold Tower really safe to use?

    Yes, it is significantly safer than using a ladder. If you are afraid of height, then a scaffold tower will be your solution. Our Industrial Towers and Trade King Towers are tested and certified by to the EN1004 by BSI and TUV respectively.


    Any tools require to build it?

    No. Nothing at all.


    Can I come and see the tower before making a purchase?

    Yes, you are welcome. Please give us a call to make an appointment first.

  • Delivery FAQsOpen or Close


    Can the billing and delivery address be different?



    What is the cut off time for the next working day delivery?

    Orders received before 4 p.m. (Monday to Friday) will be dispatched on the same day for the next working day delivery. Note: this only applies to UK Mainland delivery addresses


    How long will the delivery take?

    UK Mainland deliveries, other than to Scottish Highlands and Grampians, from our warehouse will normally take one workday to arrive. Non-UK mainland and Scottish Highlands and Grampians deliveries will take 2-5 workdays. Both are subject to stock availability.


    What should I do if the product delivered is damaged?

    Please check all items delivered thoroughly before signing the carrier’s receipt. If the product is damaged, please reject the delivery and do not sign anything and inform us immediately so that we can send a replacement asap.


    What if I'm not in when you deliver?

    Deliveries will usually be made Monday to Friday, between 9am and 6pm. If the recipient is not available, each time a delivery attempt is made, our courier will leave a card at the delivery address confirming that they have tried to deliver. Follow the instructions on this card to rearrange delivery or to collect your products.


    Do we deliver abroad?

    Yes, but you must contact us for quotation. Pallet packing charges may apply.

  • Technical FAQsOpen or Close


    What is the difference between working height, tower height and platform height?

    This needs to be answered in reverse. Platform height is how far you are standing off the floor, that is, distance between the ground and the upper platform board.

    Tower height is the physical height of the tower itself, that is, distance between the ground and the top rail. The working height is how high you can reach when you are standing on the platform. It is a common practice that working height is platform height plus 2 metres.


    Why are your measurements somewhat shorter than same product selling elsewhere?

    We use standard measuring method. For example, the width of our DW Industrial Kitemarked Tower is 1.45m. We measure the distance between the centres of the two uprights.


    Can I use the platform at a lower height ?

    The platforms can be used at lower heights by the moving the platform down the rungs of the ladder frame. Do remember to lower the guard rail or bracing with you as you go down.


    Can I paint the tower?

    Yes, if you wish. For a more pleasing look and longer lasting result; choose specialist metallic paints from good suppliers.


    What is the size/weight of the tower?

    The size/weight of the tower is given in the technical drawing which can be found on each tower product detail page.


    Does it rust? Can it be stored outside?

    When Aluminium is produced in a factory, a naturally occurring coating is produced when the metal comes into contact with oxygen. Therefore, all aluminium in use is already coated and rusting just does not happen. By the same token, you can store aluminium outside if you wish. But best to store indoor. It is advisable to store the platforms indoor as they will wear out quicker in wet condition.


    Can I still use it with some end-caps missing?

    Yes, you can but just be careful not to catch your finger in it.


    What are the overall dimensions?

    The complete specifications can be found from our site. Click on the tower you are looking for then click CLICK FOR TECHINCAL DIAGRAM AND COMPONENTS LIST. You can also find this in the Drawing Diagram on the homepage.


    Can we use it outside?

    Yes, but not under strong wind. Our outriggers will make the tower more stable in windy condition.


    Why does the platform come with 3 hooks only?

    Only requires 3 points of contact for a solid connection to the tower. Makes dismantling slightly easier and faster when a person is under the platform and only has one hand to use.


    Do I need a certified tower?

    The Working at Height regulations apply to all businesses, a tower certified to the EN1004 by BSI or TUV will satisfy the WAHR and HSE. Only our Loyal Industrial and Trade King towers have full certifications.

    At present, WAHR do not apply for private home/domestic use. So, the DIY, SDIY and eTrade king towers do not need certifications and are only suitable for private home/domestic use.


    Can I put a box or stool or even a ladder on the top platform and stand on it in order to reach a higher location?

    This is not recommended and is dangerous. In doing so, the guard railings surrounding the top platform will not be able to protect you from falling over.

  • FAQs on SUPER eDIY / SUPER DIY TowersOpen or Close


    What is the difference between SUPER eDIY and SUPER DIY towers?

    Please see https://www.aluminium-scaffoldtowers.co.uk/media/wysiwyg/DIYvsSDIY.jpg


    Can I use the tower indoor?



    How wide is the tower?

    The outer dimension of our DIY tower is 650mm wide.


    How wide are the base rails (horizontal stabiliser bars)?

    The base rails are 1220mm or 4 foot long each.


    Can I use the tower without the base rails (stabiliser bars)?

    Yes you can; by releasing the bolt and wing nuts. Warning: it is dangerous to use the DIY tower without the base rails unless you tie the tower to something rigid or use our outriggers.


    How do I offset frames for use on a slope ?

    Go for our SDIY Advanced Towers with height adjustable base plates


    Do I really need outriggers on a 5M tower ?

    Strictly speaking, no. But having two or four outriggers will give a bigger footprint and make the tower feel more secure. In addition, the outriggers can give extra adjustments to uneven ground. Especially in garden use. In fact, many of our DIY customers purchase our SUPER DIY 5++ tower and DIY 5++ tower.


    Can I build a tower higher than 7M (working height)?

    No, our SUPER DIY towers are designed to promote safe working at height for non-industrial activities.

    Therefore, the 7 meter height in this range is the maximum. If you need a taller tower, please consider the Trade King and Loyal Industrial ranges.


    Does it have Kitemark / TUV ?

    The BSI Kitemark and the European TUV certification are currently not required for DIY towers. However EN1004 standard still applies to our DIY towers, offering customer quality assurance.


    Can I get it in my car?

    The components of our standard 5M SDIY or DIY tower will fit comfortably in an estate car with the back seats folded down. Please check the packing size details in the specification table of each product detail page.

    A long wheel based, car sized van would be more suitable. For towers of 6M upward, you would need a fairly empty SWB van at a minimum.


    How long does it take to build?

    Take a look at our fun video on the website in which our colleague assembles a 5 meter SUPER DIY tower without help in just under 5 minutes. The higher towers will take slightly longer, and it is advisable to do this with two persons.


    How many packs does it come as ?

    4m 1 pack, 5m 1 pack, 6m 2 packs, 7m 2 packs


    How many people can work on the top platform ?

    Only one person is recommended.


    Can it get in between two houses?

    Yes, sometimes the two bottom base bars may need to be taken out.


    If I buy just the 4M/5M tower now, can I buy extra bits to make it taller later?

    Yes, you can buy buying the two meter extension pack for your DIY tower or SUPER DIY tower later.


    Why is the 2M extension pack so expensive?

    The extension pack has almost as much material as a tower. The pack includes an extra platform and 4 telescopic outriggers, etc.


    Can I use your tower with my existing one, to make it taller?

    Only if your existing tower is also our DIY tower range. Your must not mix brands from different manufacturers.


  • FAQs on Trade King TowersOpen or Close


    Why does Trade King 730 - 2.90m not have a Toeboard?

    The platform height is below 0.9m, which does not require a Toeboard.


    What does Trade King 730 mean?

    730 is the width of the Trade King in millimeters. (measured from centre-to-centre of the uprights).


    Is 9.65m the maximum working height for Trade King 730 Tower?



    Can the Trade King Tower be used on stairs?



    How do I check your TUV credentials??

    You can check from the official TUV website: https://www.certipedia.com/certificates/50334751?locale=en

  • FAQs on eTrade King TowersOpen or Close


    Is this for industrial use?

    No. For industrial use please look at Trade King or Industrial Towers.


    Can this tower be used on stairs?

    Yes. It comes with height adjustable wheels. Please make sure the wheels are locked properly.


    Has this tower got a certification?

    No, but it fully complies with EN1004 regulation. Also, it is produced by the same Kitemark / TUV manufacturer.


    How is this tower packed?

    It is packed with cardboard box(es), easy storage for future use.


    Can this tower fit in a van?

    Yes, do check our box dimensions in the specification table of the product detail page.

  • FAQs on Loyal Industrial TowersOpen or Close


    What does 850 or 1450 mean (as in Loyal 850 / Loyal 1450)?

    These are the width of the industrial towers in millimeters (centre-to-centre). The outer dimension is 50mm more.


    What does 1.8M or 2.5M long mean?

    These are the platform lengths.


    Can you have more than 1 person on a single width (850) tower?

    No, only 1 person per platform.


    Can you have 2 persons on a double width (1450) tower?



    Are the trapdoors and platforms included in the price of the tower?

    Yes, all the components are listed on the technical diagram given on the product detail page.


    Do I get the outriggers with the tower?

    According to EN1004, the outriggers are supplied with the tower for working height of 4.2m upwards to increase your base area making the tower as safe as possible.


    How do I check your British standards credentials?

    You can check from the official BSI website: http://www.bsigroup.com/en-GB/Product-Directory/Search-Results/?license=583746


    What size are the castor wheels?

    200mm (diameter) dual locking wheels are supplied with all Loyal Industrial towers.


    Are the base plates available with this tower?



    Why am I getting extra-long outriggers on the single width tower?

    12.2m working height single width towers or higher are supplied with extra-large outriggers to increase your base area, making the tower as safe as possible.


    Why don’t I get outriggers on the 3.7m tower?

    The base area of the 3.7m working height tower is sufficient without outriggers. They are not required by EN1004 at this height so satisfy the Working at Height Regulations.


    Can I upgrade to larger outriggers?

    Yes, either as an upsell or as accessories.