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EN131 Professional Heavy Duty Extension Ladders – Triple Section

Fully EN131 Professional compliant Industrial Ladders available in a range of sizes. The ladder is supplied with a conforming stabiliser bar that is simple to attach and use. Designed for intensive use and is lightweight to transport from vehicle to site and ideal to use in a range of work environments.

Industrial Triple Section 9 Rung Ladder 2.5m

EXCL. VAT: £248.76

INCL. VAT: £298.51

Industrial Triple Section 11 Rung Ladder 3m

EXCL. VAT: £281.22

INCL. VAT: £337.46

Industrial Triple Section 13 Rung Ladder 3.5m

EXCL. VAT: £356.63

INCL. VAT: £427.96

Industrial Triple Section 15 Rung Ladder 4m

EXCL. VAT: £413.18

INCL. VAT: £495.82


  • Stress tested by BSI to 20% higher loads than EN131 requires to give Class 1 durability
  • Meets new improved strength & slip-tests in BS EN131-2:2010 + A2:2017
  • Stabiliser comes as standard on all ladders that extend beyond 3m for maximum safety.
  • Heavy Duty 35mm serrated D – rungs with 4-way crimp & swage design for maximum durability and comfort when working at height
  • Rungs orientated flat when erected at correct climbing angle to give stable standing surface.
  • British design for maximum safety, comfort and durability
  • Deep serrated rubber feet for maximum grip on all surfaces
  • Heavy duty galvanised steel locking catch standard on all extension ladders
  • Wall wheels fitted as standard for all ladders above 6m extended length
  • All sizes come with pre-drilled holes so wheels can be retrofitted.
  • 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Ideal for use on construction sites and facilities maintenance
  • Reliable and robust and easy to use
  • BS EN131 Professional Kitemark KM34154